Natalia Andrea Peral

Academic/Professional Experience and Achievements: 

Natalia has studied her MA degree on Conflict Resolution and Analysis at Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey and her BA degree (Licenciatura) on Political Science and International Relations at Buenos Aires University, Argentina graduating with distinctions. Her main academic interests are in the processes of post-conflict reconstruction, international dialogue, minority reintegration and third party intervention. Natalia is a third year PhD candidate at the Department of International Relations and European Studies at Central European University and member of the Conflict and Security Research Group.She is currently researching on the role of third parties in the process of ethnic reintegration in municipalities of Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo. Previous returning to academia, she has extensively worked as a consultant for Argentinean Parliament and Government on human rights, security and local government issues and has been trainer on conflict management and prevention, human rights and local government at the International Academy of Leadership, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Germany.

During the period that goes from February to May 2013 Natalia will be spending a research period in SAIS, John Hopkins University, as  Visiting Research Associate.

Year of enrollment: